Road Tripping with a Baby

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In mid-July, we’ll be heading to Ohio for my family’s annual reunion.  It’s a trip I made each summer and Christmas as a child and one that my husband and I have made a handful of times.  The drive itself is something I always look forward to, and I’ll be packing a picnic basket full of healthy snacks and looking for a variety of listening material and other ways to keep us occupied for the long haul.

This is the first time, though, that we’ll be traveling with the Small Boy, who’ll be just shy of five months by then.  I am, quite frankly, freaking out about how it’s going to go.  Thus far, he’s been an outstanding little traveler, but we’ve never ventured more than an hour from home, and now we’re talking ten hours on a no-construction/good weather/avoid-rush kind of day.  I love this post from A Cup of Jo on tips for traveling with a baby, but I’m still on the lookout for any ideas for travel by car.

How do you survive a long car trip with a tiny human?  Do you pack anything special or time your travel differently?  I’d be most appreciative of any suggestions.


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